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From where I sit I guess the latest news is that the forum has been created and that the 'Cavedwellers' web presence has been converted into something that will hopefully become a resource and a blessing for other Christians.

It might be a little helpful to explain what and why this site and forum have come about and also a little abiout who I am (before hopefully I vanish into the ether!).

I am an ordinary Dog-Collar type working and worshipping in an Urban Priority Area (UPA) in the West Midlands. I also work in a missioner role and function as an Army Padre and as Chaplain to various Cadet organisations, the Police, a hospital and a few other areas and places besides.

Having also functioned as Moderator on a few forums (which I am led to believe is more accurate that 'fora') where I have not always been blessed with the language, attitudes or behaviour and,as a result of a need for certain people to have a 'safe' place to share group information and discuss it, a new forum 'Cavedwellers' and this web site were created.

The Aim is to provide information, a place to share and a resource for the many Christians out there who could use a sort of virtual Deanery or family. It's a safe place to share, discuss and fellowship with others of a like mind and in the same boat.

So that's me - Enjoy what's here and any suggestions, improvements or help are most welcome.



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