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About ten years ago, whilst sitting in a train bound for Liverpool Street station (London) I was aware that many of the men I travelled with were fed up with the daily routine of 'get up - dress - train - work - train - home - bed'. As a result I booked an Indian restaurant and invited some of them to a 'Not the Christmas Dinner!' meal. Out of this came a group, 'Cavedwellers'.

Why that name? Because we were living in and around Ware and the motto of that place 'Cave' (Be ware! A schoolboy howler) meant we were indeed 'cavedwellers'.

This group continues still and now the old web site has been taken over for another purpose - to provide a place for those engaged in living as Christians, ministering as ordained or lay and involved in pioneering, missioner work, Fresh Expressions and more to have a place to share information and dialogue in a Christan environment.

There are links and pages relating to various groups and there is also a forum to enable you to discuss Christian life and ministry issues in a safe and Christian environment.

        News & What's On?

A great place to start to get a feel for what's happening and who's doing what, where and when!

If you have an event you'd like to advertise - let us know and we'll publish it for you.

Secret Text - GODISNOWHERE! well done!

The Daily Office
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A number of groups can can be found through this front page. They are:

Devoted to Missioners and missioner-related issues and information. Included here will be details of the Midland Missioners and other groups.

FPE: Fellowship for Parish Evangelism
A network of evangelical Anglicans who provide a place for fellowship and mutual support for those involved in the ministry of evangelism in a Parish setting.

LEMN: Lichfield Diocese - 'Local Evangelism & Mission Network'
A great source of inspiration, support and humour.

Mission Shaped Ministry (what it sounds like!).

Pioneer Ministries:
Not a log cabin in sight but plenty of wide open spaces and Fresh Expressions of what it means to be Church!

This is place to share, discuss and give and get support in a safe and (hopefully) Christian environment.

Got a favourite blog or have one of your own which you'd like to share with the world? This is the place to get it listed.

Self-explanatory. A place to find links to places, people and other stuff that will support Christian lifestyle and Ministry.

St Francis':
The church I'm part of in the West Midlands.

Vic the Vicar:
My own attempt at blogging. Take a look and having realised that you could do much better why not have go at producing your own?.


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